Monday, December 10, 2012

Slippers for Cinderella

(Fund raising Opportunity #1)

When I was a little girl – I was positively obsessed with the Disney movie “Cinderella”. I don’t remember ever going to the theater to see it, and I am not sure how it came to be my obsession – but it was. I was Cinderella for Halloween, my mother took me to the fabric store, and we picked out the pattern, and the fabric, and when we came home, I could barely stand it waiting for my mother to make that gown. I just had to get into that dress. The only stipulation was I have to wait until Halloween before I could wear it. And wear it I did! In fact I had white gloves and a tiara from one of my mother’s pageant wins – I was convinced I was Cinderella, so convinced that I wore that dress every single day, for almost 2 years. My mother would put the sound track on the family stereo –and I would dance and dance and sing around the living room for hours. The sound track we had was one of the open book types, and I would listen to the songs, and look at the corresponding pictures in the album cover.  

There are lots of themes in the movie Cinderella. But the one theme that rings true for many is – With the right pair of shoes, your life can be absolutely transformed. Well – I believe that to be true. The right pair of shoes can make you taller, more confident, leggier, and more appealing. They tell people who you are; they tell people who you aren’t.  They finish an outfit perfectly or they are the detail that just didn’t work. Shoes have the power to transform an evening....... Or a Life!

We have all, at one point or another purchased a pair of shoes – that simply did not fit. Whether we are pulling an "ugly step sister" moment (Trying the make the shoe fit because we want what it promises) or we simply thought “Oh they will be perfect, once I stretch them out”, or” lose weight” – or “once my feet are not so swollen” - We tell ourselves stories that one day – that shoe will fit, and the promise of the shoe will be fulfilled. Well today is that day my Fairy God Mother Team

From Now until January 1, 2013 – I, along with other Fairy God Mothers will be collecting new shoes, or slightly used shoes (If they are designer – think Gucci, Jimmy Choo – etc.) in order to raise money for our two current orphans causes.

All the shoes will be auctioned on eBay – in order to ensure the largest possible audience for purchase. All proceeds will go to 1 or 2 current orphan adoption causes that we are raising money for:

1-      The Truax Adoption: See Link for information

2-      The Maurin Adoption: See link for information

If the shoes are donated through either of these adoptions efforts, all the proceeds from those shoes will go to that specific adoptive family. Any shoes donated outside of that scope, the proceeds will be split down the middle and distributed to each of these adoptions.

If you have shoes you would like to donate: Please send me a note directly – and I will send you an email with my address, and we can figure out how you are going to get me your shoes. The eBay auction will take place the first 2 weeks of January.

Also as part of the Ukrainian adoption process – Adoptive parents need to travel to Ukraine to have court dates, and mandatory waiting periods, etc. The expense of a last minute plane ticket is amazing – So if you would like to donate airline buddie passes, or would like to use some of your extra sky miles to book a ticket last minute for one of our parents. We would welcome donations of this nature as well.

Last but not least I have created a new blog page:

This blog will allow you to see how this whole thing got started. Just who we are raising money for, and how you can help!!

So my Fairy God Mother’s clean out your shoe closest (we all have a shoe closet right ;) ) and find the slippers that will bring our Cinderella’s home.

As Always, and Forever – Much Love Jenn

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